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I am the drum of the shaman, the ayahuasca, the divine drug, I am the language of the gods, I am the hiss in space, I am essence of the forest, I am the breath to your soul, I am the lover of your mother Earth. I am the lush green of the forest, that you wake up to in the mornings when you go to holidays, I am the swan, the rose, the water, the blood of this creation. I am the only beat that ever beat. I am the sage of all sages.
I AM the Buddha’s Eye.
I live in you. ….


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Observable Facts Supporting the Theory of Evolution 
[No. 79246101]

Like all living organisms, the majestic scallop displays a unity—a funky sort of unity—of form and function.

Is this Intelligent Design? Hardly likely.

If you were planning how a scallop should swim, you wouldn’t plan this. Not if you were intelligent.

In fact, the ancestral not-quite-scallops pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, making do with the body plans already on hand in their genes. Just like every other living organism.

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So apparently the active ingredient in catnip is nepetalactone, and the the scientific name for catnip is nepeta cataria. I don’t read homestuck, but damn, Hussie is just as thorough in character names as j.k. rowling.

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Thomas Edward Lawrence was the dashing, romanticized British officer credited with leading the Arab revolt against the Turks during World War I — a feat depicted in the epic film Lawrence of Arabia. But his true story and legacy is still a subject of debate among historians — everything from his sexuality, to his Arab style of dress, to whether he ever really reached the Syrian capital of Damascus at all.

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“ Quand je commence quelque chose de nouveau, quand j’embraye vraiment, les lendemains sont beaux. ”

—    Henri Michaux, Passages (via abridurif)
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Creature Feature by Mark A. Facey

Ever since I was but a wee Ian Brooks, drawing pictures of walking anthropomorphic bones with wings and scowling faces, I’ve been infatuated with abnormal creatures (no really, I drew those. I’ll draw you one, if you want). Mark’s gone a little more Darwin than me, creating complex morphologies with haphazard phalanges and arbitrary proboscis. Take one of these fuzzy critters home with prints, cards, or other goodies available at Society6.

Artist: Tumblr / Twitter

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